At Good Life Veterinary Care, we believe that behavioral health is just as important as physical health in order for our pets to lead good lives with us. Behavioral problems affect dogs and cats more than any other condition and are the most common reason leading to the surrender of pets to shelters. Most behavior problems can be avoided or managed with the proper identification and treatment.

Dr. Estrick includes behavioral screening in every wellness visit to ensure we don’t miss an opportunity to intervene early. There are many medical issues that can lead to behavioral changes, so a thorough health evaluation will be performed as the first step to addressing any behavior issues. Our staff is well trained and experienced in handling common behavior concerns and we have many resources available to help owners address concerns at home. For more complex or severe behavior concerns, a longer comprehensive behavior consultation appointment can be scheduled with Dr. Estrick in order to create the most appropriate treatment plan for your pet.

Whether you are dealing with house training problems, aggression, excessive barking, separation anxiety, litter box issues or thunderstorm phobia, please don’t hesitate to ask a Good Life Veterinary Care team member for information about behavioral counseling.