Good Life Veterinary Care is proud to announce our certification as a Gold Level Cat Friendly Practice. Established by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), the Cat Friendly Practice program is a global initiative designed to elevate care for cats by providing a framework for creating a positive practice environment for cats, including medical care that supports the cat’s unique needs and knowledgeable staff members who understand feline-friendly handling.

As a Cat Friendly Practice, we understand that visits to the veterinarian can be stressful for cats. Since a cat’s anxiety about the visit may start at home, ask our team how to help decrease your cat’s stress associated with getting into the carrier, traveling to the clinic and entering an unfamiliar environment. Good Life Veterinary Care has been designed to minimize stress to our cat patients by providing a cat-only waiting area, examination room and hospital ward. We know your cat needs time to get used to the new environment of the clinic, so we will never rush your cat or the exam. Our skilled staff is well-versed in feline-friendly handling techniques to calm anxious cats and ensure that examinations and procedures do not escalate anxiety.

Our Feline-Friendly team has made a commitment to continued education in feline medicine, surgery, dentistry, behavior and pain management in order to provide the best care for our patients. Dr. Estrick and staff will create an individualized health care plan that is specific to your cat. We will also spend time discussing other important topics such as nutrition and body condition assessment and addressing changes in behavior, weight or mobility.

Regular veterinary visits can help avoid medical emergencies since thorough exams and screening tests can often detect conditions or diseases that may affect your cat’s health long before they become significant, painful, or more costly to treat. Call us at 847-672-8741 to schedule your cat’s visit and learn more about how we can provide low-stress care for your cat.