Dr. Estrick has almost two decades of experience in soft tissue surgeries such as spay and neuter, mass removals, eye surgery, wound and laceration repair, bladder surgery and foreign body removal. Some complex surgeries or orthopedic repairs are referred to one of the highly skilled board-certified surgical specialists in Lake County.

Our surgical facilities include a designated surgical suite, a well-trained monitoring team, full pre-anesthetic blood testing, modern equipment, and a compassionate team of professionals to care for your pet.

When your pet arrives on the day of their procedure, we will perform a thorough exam to verify that he or she is healthy enough for anesthesia and surgery. Blood screening for common underlying conditions like liver or kidney disease is performed before all anesthetic procedures and anesthetic protocols are tailored to each patient’s needs. Your pet’s comfort is very important to us, so pain management is provided before, during and after all surgeries.

Your pet will be monitored and comforted by a skilled veterinary technician throughout their preparation, procedure and recovery. Dr. Estrick will call you with a postoperative update and let you know when your pet will be ready to go home with you. Allow yourself 15-20 minutes to review discharge instructions with our staff when you pick up your pet. We want to make sure we have answered all your questions and you understand your pet’s home care instructions.

Spay & Neuter

There are many reasons to have your pet spayed (for females, aka ovariohysterectomy) or neutered (for males, aka castration). For dogs, the typical age for spaying or neutering is approximately 6-7 months of age. For large breed dogs, this recommendation may change.

Recommendations on the timing of spay or neuter will be tailored to each dog’s specific risk factors and lifestyle.

Cats tend to go into heat at an earlier age. To help avoid unwanted behaviors like urine marking and prevent unplanned litters, we recommend a cat be spayed or neutered closer to 5 months of age.

There are many choices when it comes to when and where you have your pet spayed or neutered. At Good Life Veterinary Care, our priority is a safe and fear-free experience for your pet. All spay and neuter patients receive pre-anesthetic blood screening and physical examination, an IV catheter (to administer fluids to your pet during anesthesia), modern anesthetic monitoring, appropriate pain management, and individual care both before and after surgery.

Contact us to set up your pre-surgical evaluation.