Our goal at Good Life Veterinary Care in Gurnee, IL is to help pets and people live good lives together. Our mission starts from the first time we meet your pet, and if we’re lucky, it continues throughout your pet’s long happy life. We offer care for all of the stages of your dog or cat’s life.

Puppy & Kitten Care

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

The knowledgeable team at Good Life Veterinary Care, is here to help you build a rewarding relationship with your new family member. Contact us to schedule a time to meet your puppy or
kitten as soon as possible after adoption. We will start with a full nose-to-tail examination, parasite screening, and address any concerns you may have to ensure that you get off to a great start with your new pet.

Our friendly staff is well prepared to discuss vaccinations, nutrition, behavior, socialization, neutering, and much more! No question is off limits so please bring any questions along to your appointment. We are here to help you succeed at raising a wonderful family member!

Adult Care

Regular wellness examinations are important throughout adulthood to confirm your pet is healthy or help catch problems before they become more serious. Your pet’s wellness visit will include a comprehensive physical exam, pain assessment, nutritional and behavioral counseling, appropriate vaccinations, parasite screening and recommendations for how to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible.

Senior Care

Since pets age faster than we do, it is easy to forget that they can be considered seniors after just seven years. As pets get older they are susceptible to a variety of conditions and diseases including osteoarthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and cancer. We recommend that senior pets see us every six months for a complete exam and diagnostic
screening so we can catch and treat any issues earlier.

We will work with you to develop a health plan that is right for the specific needs of your senior pet. Nutrition, exercise and the prevention of common problems through regular exams are all ways to help your pet enjoy their golden years.